Stijn Hendrix - Lead high voltage engineer

Stijn Hendrix - Lead high voltage engineer
Hi, my name is
Stijn Hendrix
I connect renewable energy to the grid
I'm a lead engineer based in Belgium, specializing in the high voltage grid design and construction of offshore wind farms.
Currently working as director and consultant at Enersynt, a high voltage engineering and consulting firm in Belgium.
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What I do


I am a seasoned technical lead equipped with a critically constructive mindset, strong strategic thinking and the ability to translate complex topics towards different stakeholders. Throughout all stages of renewable energy projects, I have developed expertise in building and leading cohesive cross functional teams in an innovative and high-performance environment.


Power system studies

Grid integration of wind farms

Protection and SCADA system design

Offshore substation platform design


Testing & Commissioning

Factory Acceptance Testing

Site Acceptance Testing

Offshore Commissioning

Hot Commissioning


Project Management

Technical project management

Technical risk management

Engineering team management

Commissioning management

What I have built


Throughout my career, I have worked on both onshore and offshore wind farms, as well as mobile substations. As lead engineer, I managed the complete high voltage grid connection design, construction and commissioning of two major offshore wind farms, Gemini and Norther. Both wind farms have a combined installed power of 970.000 Watt.
For a period of 25 years, these wind farms will provide green energy to over 1 million families.
Norther wind farm offshore high voltage substation

Norther Offshore Wind Farm


Norther is an offshore wind farm with a maximum capacity of 370 MW. Upon completion, it will be the largest offshore wind farm in Belgium. Each year, it will generate around 1,394 GWh of sustainable energy, equal to the energy use of almost 400,000 families.

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Gemini wind farm offshore high voltage substation

Gemini Offshore Wind Farm

The Netherlands

The 600 MW Gemini offshore wind farm consists of two offshore substations and one onshore substation. With two export cables of about 100 km, the Gemini high voltage grid connection pushed the boundaries of what is considered technically feasible with AC technology.

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Northwind wind farm offshore high voltage substation

Northwind Offshore Wind Farm


Northwind is an offshore wind farm with an installed power of 216 MW, located in the Belgian Exclusive Economic Zone of the North Sea. It provides green energy to about 230 000 families.

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Zuidlob onshore wind farm high voltage substation

Zuidlob Onshore Wind Farm

The Netherlands

The 122.4 MW Zuidlob (Princess Alexia) wind farm is one of the largest onshore wind farms in the Netherlands. It supplies renewable energy to about 88 000 families.

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Lifelong Learning


Formal Education


KU Leuven

Master of Science in Engineering, Energy

Graduated magna cum laude


KU Leuven

Bachelor of Science in Engineering, Mechanical - Electrical

Graduated cum laude

Continued Learning


Columbia University

Construction Project Management

Five week course on Coursera



Leadership for Engineers

Five week course on EdX



zenon HMI/SCADA software, Advanced Certificate

Zenon Energy training course and examination



French Language Course

Module 3 - B1 Threshold



Multiple Training Courses on Power System Studies

Grid Connection of Renewable Generation,
Power Quality and Harmonic Analysis,...


Global Wind Organisation

Safety Training for Offshore Works

Sea Survival, Working at Heights, First Aid, Fire Awareness,
Manual handling

Research & development


Techno-Economic Analysis of HVAC, HVDC and OFAC Offshore Wind Power Connections.

Jun, 2019 Stephen Hardy, Kristof van Brusselen, Stijn Hendrix (CG, Belgium), Dirk Van Hertem, Hakan Ergun (KU Leuven, Belgium)

Published and presented at the PowerTech 2019, Milan, Italy.

This work performs an economic analysis of High Voltage Alternating Current (HVAC) and High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) transmission options for Offshore Wind Power Plants (OWPPs). The primary objective is to produce a range for each technology under which it is the most economic option. The economic model developed accounts for system losses and reliability. HVAC technological variations included are the use of a mid point compensation platform and Optimal Frequency AC (OFAC).

Optimal Design of the Mvar Controller of Far Shore HVAC Grid Connections

Oct, 2015 Tom Van Acker, Barry Rawn, Dirk Van Hertem (KU Leuven, Belgium), Stijn Hendrix, Etienne Lemaire (CG, Belgium)

Published and presented at the 14th Wind Integration Workshop in Brussels, Belgium.

This paper discusses the proposed design of a reactive power controller of a far shore HVAC grid connection under construction. The controller helps to reduce the negative effects associated with the increased capacitive charging current linked to the increasing HVAC cable lengths. Optimal usage of the reactive power capabilities of the both the Wind Turbine Generators (WTG) and the available onshore reactive compensation can lead to significant reduction of the active power losses resulting in financial gains.

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